Hyundai Rotem to showcase new ground weapons systems at Seoul expo

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Hyundai Rotem, a defense solutions and railway vehicles maker affiliated with Hyundai Motor Group, said Tuesday it is showcasing its next-generation defense technologies during the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2023, which is taking place at Seoul Airport in Seongnam this week.

The biennial event is the defense industry's biggest gathering in Korea. This year, a record 550 exhibitors from 35 nations are joining the event.

Under the theme of “Shielding Peace with Modern Defense Solutions,” Hyundai Rotem will present its ground weapons systems portfolio, centered around new innovations tailored for the manned-unmanned combined system -- a systems approach that combines human-operated equipment with autonomous technologies.

To accommodate their extensive showcase, a two-story exhibition space spanning 783 square meters has been established, in collaboration with Kia and automotive parts maker Hyundai Wia, to form a Hyundai Motor Group integrated exhibition hall.

The highlight of the exhibition is the debut of Hyundai Rotem's pioneering 30-ton wheeled armored vehicle. Developed with an eye on the global market, this vehicle boasts versatility, allowing integration with a range of mission equipment, and has the unique feature of being operable in water.

Hyundai Rotem's innovative concept for the next-generation tank, a joint venture with the Hyundai Design and Technical Center, will also be displayed. This future tank marries a low-observability stealthy design with the ability to function in diverse combat scenarios, both with and without human intervention.

A refined version of its multi-purpose unmanned vehicle will also be displayed alongside the tank. This iteration, having proven its mettle with a successful military deployment last year, promises enhanced autonomous operation reliability.

An upgraded model of the company's multi-purpose unmanned vehicle will also be on display. This iteration, which successfully underwent a military deployment last year, has improved on the reliability of its autonomous operation.

Attendees can look forward to a digital experience, with Hyundai Rotem offering an augmented reality and virtual reality section that provides a more palpable glimpse into the interiors and mechanisms of these next-gen vehicles.

Civilian applications include the U-POD, an unmanned vehicle developed in conjunction with Hyundai Motor Company. This vehicle, inspired by Hyundai Rotem's previous military unmanned designs, is equipped with features like autonomous driving and self-loading. It has potential uses in diverse civilian sectors like food delivery and waste collection.

Complementing the lineup, Hyundai Rotem is also set to reveal its export variant of the flagship K2 tank, the K2EX, equipped with updated electronics and features including remote control weapon systems.

“The 30-ton wheeled armored vehicle and the U-POD are tangible examples the company's vision of seamlessly blending manned and unmanned systems,” said a spokesperson from Hyundai Rotem.